Your Visit

Before your first visit, it is suggested to arrive approximately ten minutes before your appointment time to complete the pre-appointment registration in a timely fashion. It may also be necessary to provide a urine specimen (washroom and specimen bottle available at the office).

To keep the clinic neat and tidy for everyone, please minimize food and drinks into the office.

Please minimize talking on cell phones in our small waiting area and bring a book or toy to keep your children busy.

Please bring a list of medications you are currently on and any drug allergies you might have.

If this is a gynecologic consultation, please bring the dates of your last menstrual periods over the preceding six months to one year.

Visit Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my family members to my appointments?

As we are a family-centered practice and understand the importance of individual health in the family unit, family members are welcome as necessary for your support at Gynecology appointments. Of course, we always welcome partners and support persons with any obstetrical visits. Though we don’t require that they attend we do love to meet family members at some point during Obstetrical care. Understanding that appointments can be stressful or joyful, we welcome the occasional visit from grandparents and siblings to be as well.

However, please keep in mind that initial gynecologic consultations and first prenatal visits require your careful attention and can last 30-40 minutes to answer questions and be examined. Repeat appointments are shorter.

While we do make a serious effort to stay on schedule, appointments can be delayed at times as unexpected clinical situations arise on occasion.

Do I need to bring any test results to my appointment?

Our office requests a list of routine investigations (especially for first prenatal visits) from your referring physician prior to the first appointment. Your referring physician should have sent the necessary test results prior to your appointment.

Some physicians send test results with you to bring to the office at your first appointment. Please ensure you bring these documents with you or drop them off ahead of time to make the appointment a little more efficient for you. Occasionally, though requested, some results don’t arrive and we do sometimes ask you to request them again from your referring care provider.

Are there bathrooms located at the office?

There are bathrooms for public and patient use next to the elevator as you enter our floor.

Is there a lab?

There is a lab in the basement of our building directly below our office. The results are then sent electronically to us to be attached to your chart.

Where is the nearest pharmacy?

There is a pharmacy located on the main floor as you enter the building.