Our Team

We Are Here To Help

The staff at Broadview OBGYN boast impressive credentials and have been with the practice for many years. As a team, they are especially interested in making all our patients feel welcome and at ease. Kim Small works part-time as an office administrator at our office. She also works at the Queensway Carleton Birth Unit main desk. She will be a familiar face at the hospital when you go into labour. Jean Tomaso is our full-time office administrator. It is her friendly voice that will most often greet you on the phone and her kind smile that you see when you walk in the door. She makes the process of appointment scheduling as simple and convenient as possible for our patients. Andrea Ashby (RPN) is our office nurse. She works part-time in our office and part-time at the Queensway Carleton Hospital Mother Baby Unit. Andrea enjoys caring for our patients both in the office and on the postpartum ward. She has also completed her laser training and assists us with Mona Lisa Touch laser therapy treatments.