Intro To Our Practice

Broadview Ob Gyn is the group practice of Dr. Susan Thorne, Dr. Lynn Shepherd and Dr. Allison McKinnon located in the West end of Ottawa, Ontario at 770 Broadview Avenue Suite 309. This practice has provided comprehensive Obstetric and Gynecologic care to women in Ottawa and surrounding areas for over 14 years.

We provide compassionate, leading-edge medical care and surgical services for women of all ages and backgrounds with obstetric and gynecologic concerns. Focused on individual attention, the physicians of Broadview Ob Gyn give you thorough, expert advice and help you make the best decisions regarding your health and well being with your own treatment goals as a guiding principle.

We are strictly referral-based practice for general gynecologic concerns and these referrals are triaged to the next available or most appropriate of the three doctors based on the referral concern and urgency. Consults are triaged within 72 hours of referral in most cases.
At busy times of year our individual Obstetrical practices can fill up but we will do our best to fit patients in with one of the other providers in the office if there is room. We happily offer shared Obstetrical care with primary care providers (Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner) if this is more convenient or preferred for the patient. Drs. Thorne, Shepherd and McKinnon perform gynecologic surgery, colposcopy and provide Ob Gyn call and deliveries at the Queensway Carleton Hospital.

However, to expedite care we do accept Obstetrical and Mona Lisa Touch patients by self-referral through a phone call to our main telephone line (613-274-7831) in the absence of a primary caregiver referral.